Our Equipment


4th Axis

Machining centers with integrated 4th axis control allows us to created complex parts in fewer setups, saving our customers money.

CNC Turning

Our turning centers have live tooling capabilities to create “Done-in-one” setups. We are able to mill, drill, and tap off-center patterns as well as cross plane features.

CNC Milling

We invest in the latest tooling, such as high feed milling tools, to provide the most efficient machining methods to our customers.


With full inspection capabilities, including a Coordinate Measuring Machine, we make sure our customers’ parts are to the print before they leave our hands.

Why Buy From Us?

Attention To Detail

We understand the importance of being in tolerance. Our customers in high speed production industries regularly have features with tolerances of .0002”


We’ve been in business since 1977, doing work across a range of industries including Defense, Tobacco, Heavy Construction, Railroad, High Speed Printing, Chemical, Semiconductor, and Architectural.

In Budget

Our team can provide cost saving suggestions of modifications to drawings or previously manufactured items to keep our customers in budget.